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When it comes to Sex, it's tough to determine what's normal.  Whether you're just curious about it, thinking about doing it, or have already done it, this site is for you.  

Let's be honest: The internet is full of information ... and misinformation.  Our goal is to provide you with places to find GOOD information to make you as prepared and informed as possible.  Because it's true: Knowledge is power.  

One of the biggest issues we all face is finding accurate information about what we're looking for, especially when it comes to sex and relationships and other important health issues.  As library scientists (they call us "librarians" in pop culture--you know, the shushing book folk), we're trained to find and evaluate sources.  

That's what we've done for you.  

Click the link for the topic you'd like more information about.  We've selected sources and created a basic overview of each topic.  If you want more information, click 'Resources' to find books, movies, and websites that can give you additional and accurate information.  



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